Life is like pooping.

This post is pretty far from the kind of stuff I would generally post, but I needed to share. Today, I experienced the best conversation I’ve ever had…and it was with a seven year old.

Context: I’m working with two students at the back of their grade three class. Child One was building with snap together shapes (as a reward for completing his assignment) while I was helping Child Two with math.

I’ll italicize my part of the conversation. 

While building, Child One made a mistake causing some pieces of what he was building to snap off, “Aw Shit.”

“Hey man you shouldn’t say stuff like that.”

“Why? It’s just shit.”

“‘Cause it’s not a nice word. Please don’t say it at school.”

He grumbles, pauses, then, “But I wanna say it”

“Well please not at school.”


Child Two and I continue working and Child One falls silent as he once again becomes engrossed in his build. As we were working, Child Two puts down his pencil and looks up at me all of a sudden, “You know, in life, you can’t always do whatever you want. It’s like pooping.”

I pause, a bit confused, wondering where he’s going with it.

“I mean…I’m potty trained, but sometimes I think about just pooping in my pants. Ya know? Not asking to go to the bathroom. Just pooping. It’d be easier for me to have someone just change me. But then I think, no, nobody would like if I did that. And I would be not happy if I made everybody else not happy. And then I’d stink. So in life, ya gotta do what makes everybody happy. But you can’t let that get in the way of you being happy. ‘Cause when I ask to go poop, I’m happy cause I get to go, and I don’t stink.”


Remember this the next time your life feels like shit.