NaPoWriMo–Day 4, Lune

I’ve been super busy since the onset of April and haven’t had too much time to complete any of the prompts. I’ve got a start on all of them, so it’s really just a matter of sitting down and completing the pieces. As a result, I’ll be working on them as I find time and inspiration, so they’ll be largely posted out of order. Here is my take on the day four prompt: the Lune. Somewhere along the line I got it in my head that the format was 3/6/3 instead of 3/5/3–let’s blame Mike, that’s the easiest thing to do, and we were hanging out when I wrote these. So finally, my first NaPoWriMo post, I hope you enjoy it.

Love Ben


Slow hands grow
Fast calluses, sew lasting havoc, though
Can’t grip palliatively

Strong palms take
Root with the grip of fists
In shallow sand.

Still digits sit
Without flinching as the spinning, balmy
Death count climbs.


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