NaPoWriMo–Day 4, Lune

I’ve been super busy since the onset of April and haven’t had too much time to complete any of the prompts. I’ve got a start on all of them, so it’s really just a matter of sitting down and completing the pieces. As a result, I’ll be working on them as I find time and inspiration, so they’ll be largely posted out of order. Here is my take on the day four prompt: the Lune. Somewhere along the line I got it in my head that the format was 3/6/3 instead of 3/5/3–let’s blame Mike, that’s the easiest thing to do, and we were hanging out when I wrote these. So finally, my first NaPoWriMo post, I hope you enjoy it.

Love Ben


Slow hands grow
Fast calluses, sew lasting havoc, though
Can’t grip palliatively

Strong palms take
Root with the grip of fists
In shallow sand.

Still digits sit
Without flinching as the spinning, balmy
Death count climbs.


YSP On-Site: London Poetry Slam w/Oyin Olalekan

Take a peek at this interview I did with talented poet, Oyin Olalekan

The Yonge Street Portage

Hello Loves,

We at the YSP have been pretty busy lately with school and our other endeavours. We hope you all haven’t missed us as much as we’ve missed you. Despite our absence, we’ll make it up to you with an amazing interview with Oyin Olalekan.

This past month (October), YSP wasn’t able to make it to the London Poetry Slam due to a schedule conflict (We saw Frightened Rabbit at the London Music Hall, why didn’t you stop by?). Luckily, every Saturday after the Friday night slam, LPS hosts a writing workshop lead by the feature poet from the night before (See you there this month). I was able to sit down with the wonderful Oyin after a fantastic workshop with Janice Lee.

Oyin is a good friend of mine and one of my favourite poets. Enjoy the interview and dig into some of her truthful, remarkable work here

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YSP On-Site: London Poetry Slam w/TedO

Check out this interview I did for YSP with my friend TedO at the London Poetry Slam.

The Yonge Street Portage

Hey Friends and Followers, it’s Ben here. This past Friday, September 20th, YSP went out to support local art at the London Poetry Slam. This was Mike’s first time out and it was a great slam to get him into the scene. The competition was fantastic and the Feature Performer, The P.O.E., gave a great show. Between rounds, I sat down to talk with my friend and LPS regular, TedO.

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Free Poem Fridays: Three Ways to Save Yourself From a Fire and Ruin Your Love Life

Hey Friends and Followers, Check out my latest post on The Yonge Street Portage.
Love, Ben

The Yonge Street Portage

1. In case of fire, break glass

Whether made of fine china or wire-reinforced plate

We are all breakable.

When exposed to extreme temperatures, glass stresses and weakens.

If not softened with prolonged heat treatment

Meant to mend and ease these stresses,

Meant to gently strengthen by melting and merging,

Glass will become brittle and will fall to pieces too easily.

Do not break your own glass.

You will only be left burnt and bleeding.

Even tempered glass will shatter if subjected to too much heat.

If left unattended

It will explode into a mist of shards too fine to find.

The pieces will never fit together again.

2. Stop drop and roll

Couples fight.

Each couple will have their individual limits, but fighting a certain amount is healthy.

Let a fight run it’s course.

It may burn through your clothes and your skin.

It may even char your bones…

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Life is like pooping.

This post is pretty far from the kind of stuff I would generally post, but I needed to share. Today, I experienced the best conversation I’ve ever had…and it was with a seven year old.

Context: I’m working with two students at the back of their grade three class. Child One was building with snap together shapes (as a reward for completing his assignment) while I was helping Child Two with math.

I’ll italicize my part of the conversation. 

While building, Child One made a mistake causing some pieces of what he was building to snap off, “Aw Shit.”

“Hey man you shouldn’t say stuff like that.”

“Why? It’s just shit.”

“‘Cause it’s not a nice word. Please don’t say it at school.”

He grumbles, pauses, then, “But I wanna say it”

“Well please not at school.”


Child Two and I continue working and Child One falls silent as he once again becomes engrossed in his build. As we were working, Child Two puts down his pencil and looks up at me all of a sudden, “You know, in life, you can’t always do whatever you want. It’s like pooping.”

I pause, a bit confused, wondering where he’s going with it.

“I mean…I’m potty trained, but sometimes I think about just pooping in my pants. Ya know? Not asking to go to the bathroom. Just pooping. It’d be easier for me to have someone just change me. But then I think, no, nobody would like if I did that. And I would be not happy if I made everybody else not happy. And then I’d stink. So in life, ya gotta do what makes everybody happy. But you can’t let that get in the way of you being happy. ‘Cause when I ask to go poop, I’m happy cause I get to go, and I don’t stink.”


Remember this the next time your life feels like shit. 




“A” Piece

The Yonge Street Portage

Hey Friends and Followers, here’s my first installation of the Alphabet pieces. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with and I’d love to hear your thoughts on my piece. Regular instalments for this series will be posted on mondays.

Laudable craftsmanship accompanying catastrophe

Membranaceous crystallization approaching

Arterial cardiac carriageways

Coagulated parkways

Cartilage barricades

Fragmented heartbreak

Glassware rainfall

Haphazard excavation

Stalactites arranged hazardously

Sanguinary animated material ambulating latitudinally

Gangways attach ornamental throwaway anatomy

Caustically malignant abnormalities contaminating alkaline heartbeats


Laceration apparent

Mechanization anticipated

Alarms broadcast palpitations against haggard hardware

Articulation capacity damaged

Savagely transmutative propagation inaugurated

Abandon irreclaimable ravaged

Castaway automaton

-Ben N McCabe

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